I’m Susan and this is Creation, Life, Adventure, a blog for anyone who loves the great outdoors. It features my own adventures plus some musings on different aspects of the natural world all inspired by places I’ve been. If you enjoy being outside this blog is for you.

I’m 38, I live in Leicestershire in the UK, and when not out and about I’m training as a copywriter and do some work for the local museum. Ever since I can remember I have been passionate about the outdoors. At Durham I studied Geology, gained an MSc in Palaeobiology at Bristol and a PhD in Palaeobotany at Cardiff, followed by outdoor instructor training in Scotland. Living in and studying the landscapes of Northern England, Scotland and Wales for some years, combined with taking groups out walking and doing other activities, has deepened my understanding of the natural world and increased my love for inspiring others to enjoy it too. 

I enjoy taking photographs and most of the pictures on this site are my own; if it's a photo of me then I've probably persuaded some unsuspecting friend or family member to take it. Sometimes I use pictures from the internet and I've done my best to acknowledge all photographers properly. Many thanks to everyone who has provided pictures.

However, the best part of being outdoors for me is the sense of being closer to God. Just being surrounded by creation fills me with peace and joy and I feel connected with my Creator and the natural world.

Although I’ve had many kinds of outdoor adventures in many different places there are still plenty to find closer to home. This is great because it easily fits into a busy life! I’m always looking for new ways to enjoy creation in the everyday and am continually rediscovering the natural world in my local area. It’s amazing the joy you can find in the simplest of things!

Come with me and find joy in the great outdoors.