Hi there. Welcome to my blog.

I’m so glad you’re here as I’m very excited to share 'Creation' 'Life' and 'Adventure’ with you. In this blog I will be posting pretty much anything to do with creation/the natural world. My aim is to inspire everyone to get outside by sharing my own outdoor exploits, my thoughts on different aspects of creation/nature, creative things you can do in, with and inspired by the natural environment, and thoughts on how creation is beneficial to your health/wellbeing. 

View from Brotherswater, The Lake District, UK.

View from Brotherswater, The Lake District, UK.

But ‘why ‘Creation Life Adventure?’’ I hear you cry! Well, as someone who loves life, has always loved the outdoors and inspiring others to enjoy being out and about (see about page), I decided it was time to do something more with my passion. Ultimately I intend to run outdoors inspired activities for people, particularly involving mountain walking (yay, I love the mountains!), but due to current circumstances it’s not clear when I’ll be able to make this a reality. Sooooooo… rather than giving up on the vision ‘Creation Life Adventure – The Blog’ is here. 

Whatever else you may take from this blog, I hope you find joy, fun and the fullness of life in it. I invite you to come with me on my journey through creation. Enjoy the adventures, get creative and just feel good by soaking up the great outdoors.

Please do leave a comment below and let me know what you think so far. And please tell your friends and family to visit Creation Life Adventure. 

Here's a few autumn images to whet your appetite. Just click on the arrows to see them all.

Susan x

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