How to Find Life, Joy and Happiness this Easter

Spring has arrived!        Life has returned!        CELEBRATE!!!


Life is blooming here in England! It’s time to get outside! 

I’ve been out and about watching the season unfold. In this period of fast-paced change buds have opened to reveal scented blossoms, shoots have appeared promising new life and fresh green leaves have begun to clothe the woodlands. Birds flutter among the trees, their song crescendoing as the season progresses, animals are born and flowers are blooming everywhere. 

Here are some spring images for you to enjoy; I hope they inspire you to get out and enjoy creation's song for yourself.  

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How timely that the resurrection of Christ, the One who gives fullness of life, is celebrated at this time of year just as nature is bursting forth. 

For me, and Christians around the globe, Easter is a time of huge celebration. The death of Christ and all the darkness surrounding Good Friday, as He hung on the cross, was completely obliterated with His resurrection (e.g. Mark 16:6). Yippeeeeee! 


He brought with him joy, happiness and glorious life!

The waiting is over and darkness has given way to light. Winter has passed and spring is here.

New life is freely available to all (John 14:6) and is there to be grasped in all its fullness (John 10:10).

I pray that this Easter, whatever you're doing, whatever you believe, that you find a deep and lasting joy and a new zest for life.

Get out there and enjoy His beautiful creation!!